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**IMPORTANT MESSAGE Update from Electro Bikes
At this stage we have stock of Electric kits (Which consists of Motor/wheel, electrics, batteries, battery charger and other components) manufactured and awaiting shipment from China.
Unfortunately at the moment it is hard to get stock (Particulary Lithium batteries) on board a ship from China via an LCL (Limited container load) to be sent to, it appears most places in the world including Australia. They are also not able to send Lithium batteries via Air cargo.
We are waiting patiently for our shipping agent here (Who are doing a great job) to get approval from a shipping line who will accept the consignment, even if we have a co-loader who will approve our stock to go with their shipment the shipping lines are still saying NoGo.
One alternative is to see if we can get our stock here in an FCL (Full container load) which we are investigating.
We apologise for the delay of Kit stock and batteries but at this stage it is out of our hands, we will update as we get more information.  

Lancaster Electrobikes You've just found the "One-Stop" resource for electric bikes. All of our electric bikes are designed by us, here in Australia. When you deal with us and you're dealing with the Designer and Importer of the Lancaster Electro Bikes. Whether you want to keep fit without enduring the agony of peddling up steep hills, or just want to get around town without the effort of peddling at all. We have a range of electric bikes to suit all of your needs!!

Like a demonstration? We have our own electric bike shop in Woolloongabba (Brisbane), with a fully equiped workshop and technicians to answer any questions you may have. We are happy for you to try our range of electric bikes without any obligation to buy - why not come in to meet us and see for yourself the sheer quality of the Lancaster Electro Bikes!
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Cycling is great fun, a cheap form of transport and good for your health, but it can be hard work, especially in hilly areas or into a headwind. Many people for various reasons consider cycling is not an option for them - for example - not fit enough, too lazy, not wanting to arrive at work sweaty, heart conditions, joint problems etc. Commuters, the elderly, people recovering from illness or parents simply wanting to keep up with their kids (and they're great for the kids too!) can all benefit from an electric bike. Many opt for a powered bike simply because it's more fun. You can go further, faster for the same effort. If you're a commuter you may well arrive faster on an electric bicycle than you would by car and without the sweat! Take shortcuts, bike paths, ease through standing traffic, take it on the bus or train. Take an electric bicycle! Welcome to the world of Lancaster Electro Bikes Australia. A world synonymous with high quality workmanship and technical innovation.

Electro Bikes - 10/58 Deshon St Woolloongabba
Ph 07 3392 0588
Ph: 1300 781 866

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