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As one of the most innovative designers, manufacturers and importers of our kind, we are dedicated to producing the highest quality electric bike kits and bicycles available today. We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality, leading technology, best selection, and most competitive prices in the industry. We provide unparalleled professionalism and value in the industry through highly trained staff with a high level of expertise in electric bicycle technology, coupled with the finest products and most comprehensive after sales service available. Discover today what we already know - our electric bicycle range is the best - we guarantee it.

Our large range of quality electric bikes/kits are not only an affordable and practical solution to transport needs, they also put fun back into peoples lives. Lancaster Electro Bikes/kits are solid, reliable vehicles whilst remaining at the cutting edge of technology.  

Lithium batteries (Different versions available) are latest technology and the best performing batteries available for electric bicycles today. They are an extremely light, low maintenance battery with a high energy density making them perfect for use in electric bicycles.
Leading Technolgy in our e bikes Electric Bike Assembly at the Factory

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