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Electro Bikes now have DIY electric bike kits in stock (We can supply and fit the kits to your bike or you can fit). 250w and 350w front/rear wheel kits, 500w rear/front wheel kits. All the wheels in the kits are 26", but we can organise other sizes (20", 24", 27.5",700 etc) if required. See ** on home page for update.
Complete bike kit suit 26 Mode control/battery indicator/speedo Controller Carrier and battery
The above pictures represent the components in the 36v 250w 26" front wheel kit and the 36v 350w front wheel kit.

Kit consists of 1 x (*See options) double rim alloy wheel and 250w or 350w motor (Front or Rear), 36v 12ah (Flat pack), 36v 10ah (*Hailong) Lithium battery, battery charger, rear carrier for Flat battery, LCD display and mode control, 36v 250w or 350w controller, wiring harness with brake levers and thumb throttle attached, PAS sensor and magnetic disc.
*Options available can be 700c wheel, 27.5" Wheel, 26" wheel, 24" wheel or 20" wheel, 36v 15ah Flat battery, 36v 13ah (*Hailong) battery for the DIY complete 36v 250w kit and for the DIY complete 36v 350w kit Delivery/freight cost is extra and if the kit is to be fitted by us an estimate/quote is given once we view the actual bike. In some case there are ancillary fittings required for some frames. *Hailong batteries are fitted to the frame.
We also stock 500w kits, 800w kits and 2000w kits. On most bikes we suggest these size motors are fitted to the rear wheel as opposed to the front, we suggest 250w and 350w can be for front or rear.
We have a standard fitting fee of $200.00 for fitting our kits to your bike, sometimes a new Freewheel (Gears) maybe required $25.00, new different handlle bars can be fitted if it suits the rider, maybe from flat bar handle bars to risers, more comfortable riding position for some.
Be advised that any motor above 250w is deemed for off road use only.
Bike with kit fitted Carrier and battery of kit Front motor of kit.
Showing mode control fitted. The above and side pictures show a bike that has been converted using a 250w 36v front wheel drive kit. 1st picture is of the final fitout with the 250w 36v kit, 2nd picture is of the carrier and battery, 3rd picture is of the 250w wheel fitted to the front forks, 4rd picture is of the LCD display and Mode control, 5th picture is of the thumb throttle, brake lever and gear shifter.
The LCD display and Mode control has 5 levels of PAS and 5 levels of throttle, battery meter, speed, distance travelled etc.
Hand throttle, brake, gear shifter

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