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Electro Bikes
Series of Custom fitted bikes

Electro Bikes. Unit 3/ 61-63 Steel Street, Capalaba. Ph 07 3245 7615

Aspire kit  
With its sleek looks and front fork suspension, the Aspire is designed to appeal to discerning riders who want an electric bike but with the sleek looks of a model which simply doesn't look like an electric bike.
Available with rear wheel motor or with front wheel motor depending on stock available.
This visually stunning, lightweight machine features a phenomenal 36 Volt 12Ah Lithium Technology Battery Pack in the rear carry rack. The Aspire has 21 gears, disc brakes and is fitted with the Lancaster 5-mode power control system - pedal only, pedal assist or throttle control for easy cruising, coupled with a 250W state of the art brushless motor, this is some machine!
Bikes are available in vary colours and sizes (XS, S, M, L,XL) depending on availability of stock.
Available with 250w, 350w, 500w, 800w and 2000w motors.
Motors above 250w are deemed for off road only

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Lithium Batteries Shimano gears Rear Light, Lockable Battery Mode control/power Indicator

The Stowaway 7....

is a foldable electric bicycle which has all the features needed for a daily commute or just going for a leisurely ride in the country/city/suburb. It can easily be put in the back of the car, taken on the train or on holiday in the caravan or motorhome.
It packs the same powerful 36V 12Ah Lithium battery pack as found in the all the other Lancaster Electric bikes but in a much smaller, more lightweight machine. It's equipped with the Lancaster 4-mode power control system giving you a choice between exercising with pedal only, getting extra help with pedal assist or just taking it easy with throttle control for cruising. The Stowaway 7 also features, folding pedals, a rear carrier for battery and carry bags, speedo, odometer, battery meter, 5 levels of assist. Options of battery and motor size etc.

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Hornet Mk4J
36V Lithium Battery, Carry Rack LED Front Light Foldable Electric Bike (Hornet) Shimano Gears

Galaxy Mk4J This and other models available is a uni-sex city bike, ideal for a daily commute, trip to the shops, visit friends, ride to work or just for a leisurely ride.
With the Lastest Lithium technology and Electro 5-mode power control system, these models combine elegant styling with easy cycling. It packs a powerful 36V 12Ah Lithium battery pack, which when coupled with the Electro 5-mode power control system, gives you an easy ride wherever you go. The Shoreline 21 also has a handy rear carrier, 21 speed, some models have 7 speed, "V" brakes, 700c wheels, varying sizes XS, S, M, available with 250w, 350w, 500w motors (250w is road legal) making it a great commuter and loads of fun.
Available in other colours and models depending on stock.

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Quality Electric Bicycles Galaxy Mk4J Galaxy Mk4J Mode control/battery indicator.

Hercules Mk2 Electric Trike
Superior Engineering Lancaster Electro Bikes Twist Grip Throttle and gear shifter Shimano Gears on our E-Bikes

Hornet Mk2 with child seat. Hornet Step Through Fold style Electric Bike
Hercules trike with pivot Lancaster Hercules trike. Hercules trike with pivot

Electro Bikes - Unit 3/ 61-63 Steel Street, Capalaba
Ph 07 3245 7615

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